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Coffee for the



and overly caffeinated.


A few of our

The Bride Dark Roast
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A little bit about our brand

I have always grown up with a love of anything mystical, magical, macabre, and of I grew up in a household filled with the smell of coffee constantly. Coffee while you work at your desk with a scary movie playing in the background. Coffee while you sketch out your next painting on the porch on a crisp autumn day. Coffee while you discuss inspiring ideas while hosting friends and family. (You get it--overly caffeinated constantly.) Because of that, the smell of coffee to me is the fuel that helps you create your next masterpiece, finish that deadline, and most importantly brings you together with friends for great conversation.

So, why not put my love for all those things together? My hope for this coffee brand is that while you're sitting in front of your sketch pad, desk, on your porch (etc) with your cup of "EEEEK!" Coffee, you'll be inspired to come up with your own spooky masterpieces. ....or just relax and enjoy your 4th cup of coffee that day with your best friend...whatever works best for you.

PLEASE NOTE: We do every batch of coffee as limited release and there may be times during the year we are completely sold out until our next batch or blend. 


WHAT creature are you?

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