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Let us introduce our ESPRESSO blend - The Blazing Ballerinas! 

This blend is bold, with nutty caramel notes. Your classic espresso that ia strong - with a hint of cocao. 


The Haunting Tale -

September 14th, 1861. Upwards of 500 people filled the Continental Theatre in Philadelphia for the first night performance: Shakespeare’s The Tempest - an adapted ballet.


Among the dancers set to perform that night - four of them related. 


The Gale sisters. 


But, all parties were unprepared for the horror thats was to unfold at the end of Act One.


Although the audience was shielded from most of the dismal scene - they certainly were not immune to the sounds coming from behind the curtain as they frantically exited the theater.


This blend is a tribute to the dancers that perished that night. 


Included in your package ia a 12oz whole bean bag along with an "admission ticket" to "The Tempest" which conveniently has a QR code to a @lorepodcast episode we love by @amahnke on Spotify that will tell you the whole tale in all its dismal glory so you can have a whole spooky experience while drinking your eeeek!

"Blazing Ballerinas' Espresso Blend

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