This blend, the Mari Lwyd, is a 2oz packet of GROUND Mocha flavored coffee.

Made from brazilian beans - its smooth, rich and chocolatey. 


*Available November through January or until sold out. Limited release.


The Mari Lwyd is a creature from Welsh Christmas Folkore.

According to the fun version of the legend, the Mari Lwyd is a horse skull mounted on a stick carried by a group of men to local houses at Christmas time, where they would request they be let in -- but, they would be singing to you the reasons you should allow them entry. The householders would be expected to sing back denying them entry to the house. Both sides would continue singing their responses to one another. If the householders eventually decided they're way over this groups shenanigans, they were then allowed to come in and share in your food and drink.


Going along with this legend, this particular blend is made to share - they are perfectly portioned 2oz packages and will make about 8-10 cups of coffee. The perfect amount of coffee to make when having people over for the holidays! 

"The Mari Lwyd"