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Introducing our newest blend - "Thirteen Pennies" - The Rougarou.


This blend is a Southern Pecan flavored coffee which comes as a 12oz whole bean bag.



This terrifying monster is one of New Orleans own Cajun swamp creatures - the Rougarou. Legend says the rougarou prowls Louisiana swamps and is a beastly, werewolf like creature existing in Cajun folklore along the swamps and bayous.


Placing 13 pennies on your doorstep is said to be one of the traditions known to protect your home from this creature. Legend says, when the Rougarou tries to break into a home, he will become perplexed and continually keep trying to count the items. Since the creature doesn’t know the number 13, the pennies keep the monster continuously counting, until it has to retreat back into the swamps upon sunrise.

"Thirteen Pennies"

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